FLPATTERNS - Manufacturing

FLPATTERNS - Custom Manufacturing
We offer different manufacturing services and they include:

  • Clothing
  • Custom made t-shirts (Only for Women & Men - No Children t-shirts) with a minimum order of 80 for each style.
  • Face masks

We offer services in modelling,  fashion and personal items including:

  • prototyping,
  • pattern making
  • sampling
  • grading
  • marker preparation
  • consulting
  • cutting
  • production
  • manufacturing.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive service that extends from the concept drawing to the delivery of the final product. We make the whole process, from idealisation to realisation as simple as possible. 

We take into consideration every part of the process, so we study the sample or sketch provided, and determine the client's needs before realising the product.All we need is a simple sketch or concept drawing. From there we are able to  create a pattern using specialised software which is subsequently cut out from the desires fabric. All of these production steps are done with us using specialised software, thereforre reducing the risk of error and reducing uneccessary cost from 3rd parties.
What results is a Great product, that follows precisely all the specs given! we will even assist with fitting and adjustments, if there is anything you are not happy with.


With over 30 years of experience in this sector, FLPatterns has offered quality patterns for labels all over the world, including major Australian brands.

A pattern is the realisation of the template for a particular item. This is done on fast and highly accurate computer software, which means that you will be able to meet any deadline with ease. Both digital and paper formats can be accommodated depending on needs. In particular, the digital form allows for immediate feedback from the buyers and quick, direct distribution to anywhere around the world.


Converting from paper patterns to digital formats allow for quicker and easier alterations. Quite simply, this process is a lot less time consuming, reducing your expensee in the long run. A pivotal part of any production process, for any line, is the formation of various sizes. This makes the item ready for production and more importantly, accessible to consumers. The process of grading is once again done with our client's needs in mind, based on specifications and industry standards, plus years of experience all the way from face masks, swimwear, pads to children's clothes.


Our cutting room is not a separate organisation - we are trained in all aspects of garment preparation. What this means for you is reduced cost and wholesale prices.

We focus on optimising productivity and consumption of fabrics to reduce wastage, thus reducing costs. Our digital equipment and electronic cutters allow for unparalleld accuracy when it comes to cutting specific markers.

We are also able to covert dxf files into a Gerber format and vice versa.


This phase of the process is done after perfecting the prototype sample. We can create samples for any type of items. By using specialised equipment and experienced makers, we will produce your desired product with accuracy and in a timely matter.


We are able to develop small and medium ranges depending on their complexity. Upon request we can also distribute finished ranges to private labels with ironing, packaging, labelling and delivery all included.