Frequently Asked Questions 

Where do you make your clothing? We design, cut and make all the clothing that we sell online here in Sydney.  

What fabric do you use? We use 100% organic cotton. Some of our clothing is made with Hemp blended with Recycled Polyester (rPET) or with 100% Merino Wool. 

Do you use Australian Organic Cotton in your products? We would love to be able to use Australian organic cotton in our products but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any organic cotton grown in Australia. The fabric we use to make our garments is manufactured here in Australia using imported certified organic cotton yarn (GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard certification). 

What dyes do you use? All dyes used on our ACO Fabrics (Australian certified organic) are GOTS Certified products. They are synthetic dye, but approved to be used for processing certified organic fabrics.

Can I come to pick up my order? If you are in Sydney, you can certainly come to pick up your order. However, we require you to arrange a suitable time and day for the pickup to make sure that your order is ready and waiting for you.  

What size should I purchase? Order the closest available size to your usual clothing size. For detailed sizing information, please see the sizing chart on each product page.

Changing or Cancelling Your Order. We begin processing orders immediately. For this reason we are unable to change or cancel orders. However, if you have any questions about your order please contact our friendly Customer Service Team at 1800 685 989 or email us at stefania@theorganictshirt.com.au

Where can I purchase your organic cotton t-shirts? All our organic cotton clothing, including our t-shirts, can be purchased at www.theorganictshirt.com.au

Will you send me a confirmation email of my purchase? All orders that are submitted online will receive an automated confirmation email.

Do you deliver internationally? At the moment, we offer delivery in Australia & New Zealand. 

What does Australian Made mean? When the material is cut, sewn and finished into a t-shirt in Australia, then the substantial transformation test has been met. In addition, 50% or more of the total cost to produce or manufacture the t-shirt mast have occurred in Australia. "The ACCC’s view is that if material is cut and sewn overseas then imported into Australia, where they are finished into the final product such as by screen printing a motif or attaching a collar to a T-shirt, the substantial transformation is likely to have occurred overseas rather than in Australia" (ACCC - Country of origin claims and The Australian Consumer Law - April 2014).